I’m Emily, a whimsical twenty year old who is currently studying Fashion Buying & Retailing in London. I started this blog in March so it’s still very new and I hope to feel as enthusiastic about it in a years time as I do now.

I started the blog for a number of reasons…

Firstly, because I live in London. There’s always so much to do and see and I appreciate that I might not live here in the future so I should make the most of it now. Needing blog content should be reason enough to encourage me to not only play tourist in the big city, but to also take my camera out with me to document it all too!

Secondly because I have an awful memory. I am very good at forgetting things that happened even a year ago and sometimes it’s only when I see pictures that I actually remember them again. This may also be the reason why I am so bad at telling stories. I’m that person in your group who everyone talks over because you know that when I tell a story I’ve got a bit confused, missed out the main part, or simply just can’t remember what it was I was about to tell you in the first place! Therefore this blog serves as constant reminder to myself of what I’ve been up to, but also a semi non-gibberish version for my friends to read too.

And thirdly… so that all my internet galavanting and uni procrastination actually has a purpose. I’ve always spent quite a lot of time on the web collating pictures of all sorts and making moodboards or even mood-powerpoint presentations for myself! It seems a waste of time for no one else to see them. I enjoy reading so many other blogs and am happy if even one other person enjoys reading mine!         Part of the next blogger network


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