Imagine walking your dog in the park and meeting your future partner. It’s a love story that’s been told hundreds of times. Now imagine meeting your future business partner, that’s a real life success story for Hattie and Katrina, the brains’ behind (or should I say beneath) the Bobbl hat.

bobbl 6Bobbl Interchangeable bobble hatsAppropriately named, the brand offers luxurious merino hats with interchangeable bobbles. Both come in a variety of shape, colour and texture. Judging by the press coverage their products are recieving, this winter looks to be a great one for Bobbl, and rightly so. Hats off to Katrina and Hattie for such a straight-forward design, and as William Golding said…

“The greatest ideas are the simplest.”

Bobbl Interchangeable bobble hatsBobbl Interchangeable bobble hatsWhilst writing this post I listened to Full Circle Ft. Boxed In – George Fitzgerald (Bonobo Remix)

The Whimsical Way







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