Sharing Shearling

Few things remain on trend year after year, let alone decade after decade but the shearling coat seems to travel with time. Plush, piled and wooly textures may vary in silhouette each year and this winter’s favoured style takes the form of an oversized hybrid aviator jacket for both guys and girls. Time to follow the flock and invest (big investment!!) in an ACNE Velocite?
d8bb0087c7cfb91ebe48c46307dfbd88 isaac-likes-coach-shearling-6 d3308472309ac61a586a7fb8ebcb1c13 Fashion-Me-Now-Pleather-Leather_-5-687x916 GQ coach shearling 1 Best-Street-Style-London-Mens-Collection-2016-80 tumblr_ni0qchIFDp1qc8yajo1_1280 102037d94d08105cb0355735c9622d9c2ed3

Whilst writing this post I listened to MotherNature – CuckooLander

The Whimsical Way




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