UGGs: Too Be or Not To Be?

One of my recent uni assignments asked us to analyse whether we think UGG Australia is an established brand, or simply a fad. Then, when my mum shocked me by saying she was going to buy a new pair, I was curious; do people still buy UGGs?!

Well according to Vogue and Glamour earlier on in the year, 2015 was set to be the year of Ugg’s revival. I, myself, am dubious that this will be the case. However, UGG has made a valiant attempt at rejuvenating  the brand, with ‘cool kids’ Jack Guinness and Suki Waterhouse (to name but a few) starring in recent campaigns.

UGG Australia Hanneli Mustaparta #ThisIsUGG Campaign

UGG Australia Jack Guinness #ThisIsUGG Campaign UGG Australia Langley Fox #ThisIsUGG Campaign

I drew the conclusion that the classic UGG boot has long been and gone. Most trends take 20/30 years to come back around, not 10! But UGG the brand is here to stay.

Their summer collection exudes style rather than comfort. Not enough people would think to look to UGG for a pair of espadrilles, but the brand does a lot more than than sheep-skin boots and slippers.

UGG Australia SS15 #ThisIsUGG Campaign

And if Vogue was right and the classic UGG does make a prompt return? I secretly never got rid of mine… their trips to Tesco became more infrequent as they drifted further back in my wardrobe but I’m sure I could dig them out!

Whilst writing this post I listened to ODESZA – Sun Models 

The Whimsical Way



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