Furry Foot Work: Shrimps x Sophia Webster

There is nothing better then two brands coming together to create something dazzling by combining their signature forte’s. Post London Fashion Week, Sophia Webster and Shrimps have done just that. I’ve already expressed my love for Shrimps before, but Sophia Webster’s fruity shoe designs are also up there on my ‘One Day I’ll Be Able Ao Afford These‘ wishlist (and not just because we share the same surname)!

Sophia Webster has worked with Shrimps before, providing the shoes for their LFW presentations. Now the designers have collaborated to create fluffy delights in the form of mule heels. It’s not the first time that the fur brand has teamed with other designers too, as last year they paired with Poplin to make silk pyjama sets and kimonos.
Shrimps x Sophia Webster AW15Shrimps x Sophia Webster AW15 Shrimps x Sophia Webster AW15

Shrimps x Sophia Webster AW15

I honestly do think that secondary brand associations are the way forward for some designers. Why try and create product lines about something you don’t know, when you can work with another designer who specialises in that field. Once again, hats off to Hannah Weiland for sticking to what she knows best, doodles and fur! She’s created another great collection that extends far beyond the coats and scarves that you would expect.

Whilst writing this post I listened to Prinzehorn Dance School – I Want You

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