Afternoon Tea at Sketch

Last Friday was my flat mate’s 21st birthday so some of the girls and I headed for afternoon tea at Sketch, in Mayfair. Laura is known for her zany and adventurous sense of style (see here for proof), so Sketch was the perfect setting for her birthday celebrations! After walking through The Glade, a room resembling a shadowy enchanted forest, you then enter The Gallery. In total contrast this room is monochromatic pink! The chairs are pink velvet and the pink walls are the backdrop to the witty artworks of David Shrigley. Personally the chairs reminded me of ladyfinger biscuits, but one of the other girls really hit the nail on the head when she compared the room to the beauty parlour in Grease.

As for the food, we all went for cream tea, which I thought was very reasonable for ten pounds a person. Full afternoon tea is quite a bit pricier but as a real life sugar addict I can vouch that scones alone definitely sufficed! Especially when you guzzle wine like we seem to…

Everything about the place has great attention to detail. From the lamps on the tables to the uniform of the waitresses and waiters. However a review of Sketch could not be complete without mentioning the toilets. Staircases lead up to a room of egg-like pods and the ceiling features a multi-coloured dance floor. Of course, the pods are actually the toilet cubicles and inside them the noise of wildlife and crickets plays. All of this made for a very good photo opportunity to show of my swanky new flares.

I would fully recommend to anyone to go to Sketch, but we did notice that the Gallery was much more popular with the ladies (I can’t think why). However every room is completely unique and very different to one another. I fully intend to go again and investigate the other restaurants and bars in there!

Whilst writing this post I listened to Shakka – When Will I See You Again (Remix) 

The Whimsical Way


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