Mulberry’s New Face: SS15

One of my most cherished possessions is my Mulberry Bayswater. It’s tatty, bashed about and even a little rabbit-nibbled. In my case I’m not sure that it has got better with age, but I certainly have grown even more attached to it with time.

Mulberry will always be one of my favourite brands as year after year the products stay true to their heritage and englishness. Yet they always manage to create something contemporary that creates an excitement, like the new Delphie collection. It all of a sudden seems crazy that no one had yet created a bag that could swap colours!


However, there’s one thing that does bother me about the brand which is their choice of spokeswoman. For the last few seasons Cara Delevigne has starred as the face of Mulberry and today Georgia Jagger has filled her shoes. Personally I feel that neither of them really emulate what Mulberry is about, and I get the feeling that as the brand tries to break the Asian markets, they feel the need to use recognised faces. Is someone that usually dresses casually (scruffily) in a onesie an accurate representative of the brand? Additionally can the face of the exotic Just Cavali and all-american Tommy Hilfiger brands really be the right person for Mulberry too? The new campaign is inspired by ‘the sheer joy of an English country garden on a summer’s day, with traditional garden borders brimming with British blooms’ and is still beautiful nevertheless…


… I just can’t wait until March when the brand are supposedly unveiling the not-so-familiar Cressida Bonas as a new Mulberry girl.



Whilst writing this post I listened to Send Me a Postcard – The Shocking Blue (song in the video)

The Whimsical Way



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