Shrimps: The Furry Kind

I’m still not really sure how I feel about real fur, I don’t really agree with it but when your grandmother, mum or unrelated aunty has a vintage, quality made coat that’s lasted a lifetime, it seems a shame for it to stay in a wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be perfect if someone created a collection of beautifully made, contemporary faux-fur coats that you would want to hang on to for donkey’s years?

Oh yeah, heard of Shrimps? Shrimps focuses on quirky, colour-block faux fur coats and accessories, as well as zany-doodle-printed silk pyjamas. Personally I can’t think of a more cosy combination than silk pjs and fur coats… and Shrimps pyjamas definitely deserve to be worn outside!

ShrimpsLookbook9shrimps 2Lookbook3Whats more, the collection is designed by Hannah Weiland, another playful and innovative young Brit. This winter the brand seems to have gained immense exposure and I feel that the Shrimps products range is going to grow far beyond its current offerings (or at least I hope so)!



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