Sansoeurs Jewellery

One of the reasons why I love Instagram so much is because it leads and introduces me to so many brands that I would otherwise never hear of. Unfortunately though, the majority are Australian and sell beautiful bohemian dresses that would be far too summery to wear in England on even our hottest day of the year! But jewellery on the other hand, shimmers and reflects the sunshine on a good day, whilst standing out against the grey on a bad one. That’s my justification for wanting to buy everything from Sansoeurs at least.

Started by two sisters, the spanish label sells the daintiest jewellery designs in gold and silver. The thing that I love most about the collection is how jewellery so minimal and delicate can be inspired by geometric shapes and architecture, which are so complicated and intricate…

Sansoeurs Jewellery Sansoeurs Jewellery Rings Sansoeurs Jewellery Sansoeurs Jewellery Gold Cross BraceletSansoeurs Jewellery

Sansoeurs Jewellery Rings





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