Moroccan Blankets

Junk shops are my favourite kind of shops. There is one on Brick Lane that is my ultimate favourite, I almost never buy anything but I still can’t walk past without going in. There are two floors of broken clocks, disintegrating dictionaries and teapots shaped like thatched cottages. But as the saying goes, one mans junk is another mans treasure. I once went into the shop and directly behind the front door was the prettiest throw I had ever seen but unfortunately the £130 price tag wasn’t quite as beautiful. I’ve since found out that the throw was a Moroccan wedding blanket, known as Handira. The blankets are hand woven and infused with mirrored sequins and rows of cream tufting. It’s a tradition for the Moroccan bride to have her blanket draped around her as she makes her way to her new martial home. And a contemporary way to drape your Moroccan blanket?

Across your bed and walls of course…


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