Inspo: Marble Painting

Two of my housemates go to Central Saint Martins and, as you would expect, they are quite the creatives. They both study graphic design but their project briefs and assignments always baffle me as they vary so much. Much to my delight, last week saw one of them take over the kitchen to make lavish amounts of chocolate completely from scratch. Meanwhile the other was marbling sheets of silk using music! Similar to this technique, he put the tray of water and paint on top of an amplifier to see how the vibrations of different songs changed the swirly patterns of the marbling. I hope that makes sense?

Anyway, the finished pieces of silk looked really cool and I have since looked to Pinterest for inspiration of some marbling DIYs to do myself…


One thought on “Inspo: Marble Painting

  1. Wow!! Marbling silk with music. I have never heard of anything like that. I would love to see the finished piece! I tried marbling with nail polish once, such a disaster! Haha. ♥

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