Tessa Metcalfe

Tessa_Metcalfe_Jewellery-company_logo_1A little while ago I wrote about my internship at Wolf & Badger. It was whilst I was working there that I discovered Tessa Metcalfe. A born and bred East Londoner, Tessa and her French Bulldog named Meatball made a lasting impression as soon as I met them. After admitting that she had only worn beige and cream for the last few years I began to thoroughly scan her outfit hoping to spot a spec of luminous green or neon pink to catch her out.

I was pleasantly disappointed, but I did however end up gawking at her beautifully bejewelled hands; a testament to her jewellery making talents.

A few years ago Tessa began experimenting with taxidermy in her own bedroom, working with animals given to her by her dad. She then went on to do study a degree in illustration in Brighton and the combination of these elements are reflected in her fine jewellery collection, Finding Beauty in the Gutter. Stemming from her fascination with London pigeons and her childhood fantasies, the collection of show-stopping rings and necklaces are made using the castings of real pigeon claws, often left-over from her taxidermy projects. The textured gold and silver claws grasp onto semi-precious stones and crystals, each unique in their own spellbinding way.

Tessa Metcalfe

TessaMetcalfe_Lookbook-7_905 claw-drawing


I’ve lusted over Tessa’s rings since I first ever saw them but it’s the one above on the left that I love the most. I like the irony of the claws wearing their own miniature rings, whilst your wearing them. You can shop Tessa’s collection from Wolf & Badger or from her own website here.





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