Neon Signs

As I’m turning 21 in the summer I feel like it’s time to discard my now dully-lit fairy lights and move onto bigger, better and brighter lighting for my bedroom!

There’s a shop that I regularly pass on the way to my friends house that has got me fixated on neon signs. The type of apparatus used to illuminate the strip of nightclubs in Ibiza, or to point you in the direction of the nearest New York diner. Inspired by the I Promise To Love You collection by Tracey Emin (an alumni of my own university) and the Delta Psi frat house in Bad Neighbours, I want my initials in giant, fancy, electroluminescent typography on my wall, just like these… Neon Signs Neon Signs Neon SignsNeon SignsNeon Signs Neon Signs p.s. Bad Neighbours is actually much better than that trailer makes out!

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