Interning at Wolf & Badger

I’m in my second year studying for a Fashion Buying and Retailing and just after the new year I thought I would try my hand at an internship. I searched through some PR and Marketing ads on Fashion Workie and UK Fashion Intern, and little more than a week later I was sat at a desk in Mayfair, in the office of  Wolf & Badger!

Wolf & Badger sells a bit of everything; apparel, accessories, homewares and even books. But what makes them so unique is that they support and retail only new and up-and-coming designers. The designers are from the UK and beyond and include many a Central Saint Martins graduate or foreign equivalent, and their collections are anything but average.

Kicking off my experience was an in-store party celebrating Wolf & Badger’s 4th birthday. This was the perfect beginning to meet some of the new designers and become familiar with their new SS14 collections. This was also my first encounter with Meatball, a charming French Bulldog who apparently made just as much of a lasting impression on the guys at Tatler as he did me!


As one event is over, another begins and the following few weeks in the office were focused on the coming together of Wolf & Badger’s London Fashion Week showcase. On the morning of the event I was faced with filling hundreds of goodie bags for the guests. It was great to see these filling up with products and samples from some of the sponsors that I had helped to source.


Meanwhile the famous Savoy Hotel filled with designers, media, press and celebs who all watched on as the catwalk presentations took place.

475a519a970511e3aac80a2ea8d96915_8Guests nibbled on gorgeous meringues and knocked back Stoli cocktails. They really did knock ’em back, at one point I was running around off-licences looking for Stoli Vodka to stop the bar from running dry!

Even the cast and crew of Made In Chelsea made an appearance, as you may have see on last week’s episode. And yes, that is my back!MIC

Helping behind the scenes highlighted the non-stop organisation that it takes to pull together such a huge event from the PR aspect. Even after the event the workload doesn’t slow down, press releases are sent out and press coverage is collated.

My hard work was rewarded and before  London Fashion Week was over, I got to attend the AW14 Michael Van Der Ham show, which was fantastic! Admittedly, before hand I didn’t know who he was or what to expect, but the appliquéd jumpers, vivid colours and chiffon overlays all made a lasting impression.



My 2 month stint at Wolf & Badger was incredible. There’s so much more I could of written and I wish had blogged about it during my time there (there’s a few better pictures on my Instagram).

A lot of people refuse to do unpaid work which is fair enough, but for me, the experience was so invaluable. Without it I probably still wouldn’t know what a PR job entails and I also learned a lot about the other roles in the office, including social media, e-commerce and the buying process.

After running around with call-outs to quite a few big magazine offices in London, I have decided that there is where I would like to have a go at interning next, so fingers crossed, maybe I’ll be the next Lauren Conrad?




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