Fluted Hems

It’s quite a rare occasion to catch me wearing anything other than my trusty black skinnies but recently they’ve been pushed aside. In a bid to look smarter for an interview I bought a high-waisted jacquard skirt from H&M, with a fluted hemline (similar). I don’t know how I even came to trying it on, as it’s far girlier than anything I would usually pick up. But somehow I did; I bought it, and I havn’t wanted to take it off since! Fitting closely to the waist and hips, and flaring elegantly at the hemline, the silhouette of fluted skirts and dresses are flirty, feminine and flattering.

Source: Song of Style

Source: A Pair & A Spare

Source: Bisous Natasha

My wardrobe also consists of way too many button down shirts, so with one of these tucked in I feel very Blaire Waldorf-esque indeed! One of my favourite bloggers Geneva has done a really simple DIY post (here) on her own blog A Pair & A Spare. I have a long list of her crafty DIY projects that I want to make and this has just been added!

(Image Sources: Song of Style, Pinterest, A Pair & A Spare, Huffington PostPinterest, Bisous Natasha)


3 thoughts on “Fluted Hems

  1. I love the fluted skirt look … But I find it a bit tough to wear well when you have a bit of a belly … And hips to spare! Thoughts?
    mar.s. formersize6.wordpress.com

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