Earth Day

Yesterday  saw 1 billion people celebrating Earth Day. The annual event has been going since 1970 and aims to get people to become a little more environmentally friendly. Local councils held simple initiatives to encourage cycling and recycling. Vogue comprised a list of some of the most eco fashion finds of the moment. But it was the efforts of Apple that I found most inspiring.

The brand have upped their green credentials by sourcing all of the power for their iTunes download service entirely from wind, solar and geothermal energy! They will also take in and recycle any unwanted devices to help stop them from going into landfill sites.

The Apple logo sprouted a green leaf in stores across the globe…

Source: Instagram @alecmevissen

Source: Instagram @alexmevissen

If Apple can go green, why don’t other people? Well it seems that they do. Like many, one day I want to build my own home completely from scratch. I’ve read so many articles about people who go back to basics when designing their eco-friendly homes by using natural and recycled materials and generating their own sustainable energy. It’s even possible to make more power then the house needs and sell it back to the national grid! So here is my dream-green-home inspiration…

A cob house in British Columbia, which means it is made entirely from natural materials like sand, stone and mud!

Scott Newkirk designed and owns this woodland cabin in Yulan, New York. It has no electricity or hot water, but there is a nearby brook to bathe in.

Yulan Cabin, New York, by Scott Newkirk

And when your inside you pretty much feel like your still outside…

Yulan Cabin Interior, New York

Julio Garcia built his home The Savannah Project out of two old industrial shipping containers.

The Savannah Project by Julio Garcia, using old industrial shipping containers

I’m going to continue collecting the £££’s and design inspo until I start constructing my hobbit-like home, but in the mean time I’ll work hard to save the planet by remaining the reigning queen of recycling!

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