T2 Tea

Today was one of those days where I just couldn’t find the motivation to do anything. And, after waking up shortly after 5am, the day already  felt quite long by lunchtime. Even though it was hard I eventually dragged myself away from staring at nothing and fortunately soon found myself in Shoreditch. Camera in hand, I started taking a few snaps of some of the graffiti.

Redchurch St. Street Art

Then, somewhere along Redchurch St. I fell into T2, an Aladdin’s cave of tea!

T2 Shoreditch


T2 Store

Now although I pride myself on being very stereotypically British, tea is my downfall. Aside from a cup of green tea in the morning, I don’t get what the fuss is about. But entering T2 I wanted to buy and taste every type of tea imaginable, from Meng Ding Huang Ya, to White Snow Buds.


What got me even more excited was that the shop had literally just opened.

T2 Brew Bar

T2 Brew Bar

T2 Tea already has over 50 stores in Australia and New Zealand and the Shoreditch one is the first ever store in the UK!


With a brew bar for tasting and an array of teapots and teaware in all shapes and sizes, all tea lovers in the east-end of Landan should pay a visit!

And, if like myself, your not a tea lover, then go anyway and you probably soon will be (or you’ll at least leave with armfuls of presents for your friends that are)!

T2 Teaware

Over the course of the summer I am definitely going to experiment with some of their tea recipes (found here). The chocolate and rose Love Potion sounds tea-licious!

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