Columbia Road Flower Market

Recently I’ve been waiting for a sunny weekend to head over to Columbia Road flower market. The weather in London did well today and was certainly worth the wait!

City View from Hoxton Station

Every Sunday the whole of Columbia Road flourishes into an emporium of flowers stalls. The street becomes chockablock and filled with colour.

Columbia RoadP1020885Columbia RoadBefore you even arrive people are easily spotted carrying home their paper wrapped blooms. There’s normally a few husbands and boyfriends struggling to balance small forests in their arms too.

Columbia Road

As well as a great place to pick up some (bargain) flowers, it seems this is also the place to be if you want to gain some canine compliments…


…or enjoy an ice cream with your beau…

Ice Cream

…or simply catch a bit of music…

Couple Busking on Columbia Road

Busking on Columbia Road

In terms of good old, east-end selling techniques the orchid man is always my favourite, “this is like the mother-in-law… you just can’t kill it!”

Columbia RoadP1020875

With so many different plants on offer I seem to learn the names of new ones and a bit about them each time I go. My parents have always enjoyed gardening and plants which I never really cared for, but all of a sudden I’m becoming quite interested, adult-hood here I come!


The market takes place every week from 8am until about 3pm ish and is definitely worth a visit. If you’re still nursing a hangover from your Saturday night’s antics then the hustle and bustle may not be the best cure, but the road is surrounded by great pubs so you could always pick up from where you left off last night and just continue the drinking?


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