Coachella 2014

There’s only 3 days until the first weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival all kicks off! Hosted in the depths of California’s Colorado desert, expect to see the most extensive display of denim short-shorts and only the finest festival fashion over the next two weekends.


Giving Glastonbury a good run for their money, Coachella has had only the best acts gracing the bill and I had great fun looking back at past line-ups here. It seems the guys at Coachella have a good eye for timeless musicians that will never fade. In ’99, the first ever Coachella festival saw Beck take the headlining spot and 15 years later he is back to do it again.

I started writing the names of some of my favourite bands and artists playing this year. Then the list just grew and grew. So if you’ve not seen it yet, here is the tidier and better-looking official lineup poster…
Coachella Line-up 2014

As I’m writing this I have listened to the whole of Beck’s new album Sea Change. If I wasn’t already bummed out that I’m not going, I certainly am now!

Every year I say “maybe next year” and I wouldn’t want to go breaking tradition now. So… maybe next year Coachella!

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