Secret Solstice Festival 2014

A few weeks ago I heard about a new music festival that takes place during a time when the sun doesn’t go down. I had no idea where it was or what it was called but searched google high and low to try and find out more. Eventually I gave up and thought that maybe it had just all been made up!

Then one day I was about to play a song on youtube. I had my finger ready to impatiently hit the skip button after the 5 second countdown for the advert… until I realised what the advert was for. Secret Soltice 2014, the first year of an Icelandic music festival that takes place across 24 hours of midnight sun during the summer solstice!

Although the key word in the name may be secret and I certainly struggled to find out anything about it, it looks like tickets are selling out super fast and I am not surprised! The theme of Norse religion and mythology is completely unique and with Massive Attack headlining, the line-up ‘aint half bad either. I don’t think I’ll be making it this year but can not wait to catch up on the youtube videos of it afterwards. And who knows, I might even make some more secret festival discoveries!

Secret Solstice 2014 Line-up
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3 thoughts on “Secret Solstice Festival 2014

  1. Cool!!! Isnt that strange how we find something weve been searching for right under our noses! Such a mysterious sounding event. I will be looking it up as well. I dont actually know any Icelandics but the environment and cluntry itself intrigues me muchly. Oh ps i just found your blog through a comment you made on a DIY Project at Earnest (herrington gold dish) ;D Nice to find others on wordpress. Take care thNks for sharing!

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